My Story

Why 'Yellowtail Marketing'?

Growing up a block from Windansea beach in La Jolla, California, I've loved anything to do with the ocean. Yellowtail are a local fish to San Diego that are fun to catch and even better to eat. The analogies between fishing and marketing are endless, so when the name crossed my mind, I was "hooked". 

Back during a summer home from college, I started promoting my own surf lessons online, hoping to make a couple extra bucks. I created a simple website and put $10/day towards some Google search ads. The day after launching my first campaign, I got 5 calls from people looking to book a private lesson. I was STOKED. 

Over the next 2 weeks, I was at the beach every day, lined up with back to back lessons. I thought I was really onto something. I had so much business that the lifeguards soon caught on to my success and wrote me up for not having the correct permitting. (Case update: I pled guilty and paid a $280 fine)

Since that summer, I've become obsessed with digital marketing and the impact it can have on a business. I've since worked at two of the top agencies in San Diego where I've been a part of this impact time after time with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, the inefficiencies and unnecessary costs that are baked into marketing agencies is something that never made sense to me. In my opinion, a majority of time is wasted on tedious reporting, complicated time tracking, and unnecessary meetings. I knew I could provide a better alternative, but I had to learn the trade first. 


Knowing that I might want to go off on my own eventually, I soaked up everything I could. Digital marketing requires too much of a holistic approach to just know and understand one channel alone, so I took the initiative to get experience in all channels (paid media, SEO, email, analytics, etc.). Along with all the experience I gained from my client work, I supplemented that with hundreds of hours of industry blogs, lynda.com courses, and digital marketing books. Because of this, my competency is years ahead of my experience on paper. 


As of October 2017, I've officially gone off on my own, enjoying the freedom and independence that working for yourself provides... and I'm about 10 times more excited to get out of bed in the morning. 

About Me

Born and raised in La Jolla, CA


Studied Marketing at the University of San Diego


Passionate about consumer psychology, fishing, & surfing


Involved with Challenged Athletes Foundation & Surfrider Foundation

Rooting for the Padres, Gulls, and NOT the Chargers

Drinking some Stone Ripper Pale Ale & Casadores Tequila


Listening to Pardon my Take, How I Built This, & Perpetual Traffic

Reading Let My People Go Surfing (Yvon Chouniard), Invisible Influence (Jonah Burger), & The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeua)


email: ryan@yellowtailmarketing.com

phone: (858) 414-0979

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